Practice areas



Bankruptcy law - is a sphere filled with complex legal contents and norms, which imply the involvement of professionals who specialize in this legal area.

Currently, out attorneys provide an extensive legal practice, offering a variety of options on how to counter debtors who operate in bad faith, and also offering protection to the legal interests of our clients who participate in insolvency cases; we have also developed document drafts allowing us to react promptly to any changes that might occur in bankruptcy procedures, therefore also being time effective.

The objectives pursued by each of our projects include: unraveling the schemes used for the withdrawal of funds or other assets owned by the debtor; challenging dubious transactions concluded by the debtor in the pre-insolvency phase; attracting liability for the executives/owners/founders of the debtor; and other relevant steps.

Our firm also offers a unique experience for the strategic prevention of bankruptcy of the enterprise and its financial recovery. 


Intellectual Property


Due to the high qualifications and extensive expertise, our lawyers provide advice on a wide range of relevant issues on Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law. We provide comprehensive legal support in the course of registration, transfer, licensing, use and protection of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, inventions, copyright, domain names, and so on. We carry out due diligence on objects of intellectual property, draft contract and relevant documents, participate in negotiations on transactions, as well as protect the rights of clients' intellectual property before the National Office, in court and international commercial arbitration.

We advise on regulatory issues in the field of information technology, media, telecommunications and the Internet, including the protection of personal data and trade secrets. In addition, our lawyers represent clients in cases concerning the protection of business reputation and compliance with the legislation on advertising.


Family Law


We provide legal support, representation and expert counseling for clients wishing to arrange a marriage contract, custody, divorce, division of property including shares in companies and profit-sharing programs.

We have significant experience in conducting divorce proceedings, legal assistance in the division of property, design allowances for child support and alimony, determining the child's place of residence before the court.

In addition to the afore mentioned areas of family law, our work includes advice on issues related to nationality and inheritance.


Protection of Reputation


In the modern world where there is a wide range of sources of information and just as many ways of disseminating it, the protection of dignity, honor and professional reputation has become extremely important both for natural persons and legal entities. Moreover, the protection of these intangible values has proven to be of essence to both businessmen and civil servants. With regard to businesses, personal data violations often lead to rather material damages or loss of profits.

Therefore, realizing how important this legal area is for our clients, out team continues to refine its legal defense tactics and methods in this respect.

Commercial and Corporate Law


BAA«CORECT» provides legal assistance in any matter of commercial law. Our attorneys have experience both when it comes to identifying the best contractual option and also when it comes to negotiating and drafting the terms and conditions of various commercial agreements, carefully following both the general and the special norms regarding abusive clauses, consumers’ protection and warranties for the operation guarantee and manufacturer’s liability for the damage caused by faulty products, as well as when it comes to implementing and managing of the effects of commercial agreements.

As a feature of this specialization our team provides counseling on lease agreements and their effects thereof, namely we are capable of providing legal assistance and representation before courts, in matters generated by the enforcement of this type of agreements.

BAA«CORECT» lawyers have a rich experience in legal counseling and representation of clients in matters regarding the establishment, operation, dissolution/winding up, merger or separation of companies with shareholders who are both Moldovan natural persons or legal entities, or foreign ones.  


Human Rights


Our attorneys in the field of human rights have superior qualifications, and their professional demeanor and expertise are acknowledged internationally. Our team has mastered a vast experience when it comes to representing the legal interests of the citizens before the national courts, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Justice, the European Court for Human Rights, and before the UN Human Rights Office.


Criminal Law


When it comes to criminal law practice, our attorneys’ experience ranges from representation before the lower courts up to the Supreme Court of Justice, but also before all levels of the Prosecutors’ Office and specialized state institutions such as the National Anticorruption Centre. Most of our cases have involved highly complex situations, including voluminous documentation and heavy research work. 

Our work in the criminal law field has implied acting on behalf of or alongside our clients in all types of disputes, such as: white-collar crime, financial fraud, corruption, organized crime, abuse of power and negligence, money laundering, criminal breaches of confidentiality/secrecy, etc. We have provided legal assistance and representation both during criminal investigation proceedings and throughout criminal trials, in matters referring to the criminal liability of natural persons, as well as of legal entities.

Our services, include consultancy and prevention of criminal law matters (such as assisting and representing our clients in different extrajudicial procedures, in order to avoid criminal implications or complex risks; preparing and concluding high-profile civil transactions, to amicably settle civil damages claims within criminal law procedures) and also representation and assistance in criminal litigations (during the criminal investigation phase or the court trial).


Financial, Banking and Insurance Law


We provide our full assistance to both national and international clients regarding financial and banking legal matters.

Our attorneys represent both bans and non-banking financial institutions concerning issues such as domestic and cross-border investment plans,  banking reorganizations, multi-jurisdictional financing and refinancing, as well as liability management, syndicated lending, workout programs, leveraged finance and restructuring. Our capital markets expertise also covers derivatives and securitized products, equity, debt, and bond issues.

Our litigation and dispute resolution practice concerning banking, finance and securities disputes is one of our strongest assets. Furthermore, we assist our clients on various areas of financial regulation and on a broad range of national and international structured finance transactions, with a focus on real estate; trade, commodities and export finance; micro financing and social investment projects; crowd funding and retail financing.


The BAA«CORECT» team represents clients in transactions and litigation in the insurance sector and provides integrated counseling on a broad array of related matters, involving public and private finance projects.