The Associated Lawyers’ Firm «CORECT» was founded in Chisinau in 1993 and its main objectives are to provide legal assistance to Moldovan and foreign businesses in complex corporate transactions and commercial matters in the Republic of Moldova, as well as to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of Moldovan citizens.

Our law firm is a private association of attorneys. Its 11 members have a vast experience in the legal field (as judges, prosecutors and lawyers) of more than 20 years each.

Our attorneys have held, in the recent past, senior positions in the state administration and institutions of the Republic of Moldova as well as in international legal organisations, such as:

•  First Vice-Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Moldova;

•  Minister of Justice;

•  Members of Parliament (3 attorneys);

•  Judge at the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg;

•  Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Moldova (2 attorneys);

•  Prosecutors at the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Moldova (3 attorneys);

Our team identifies itself by approaching every single client with the utmost seriousness and diligence, seeking to solve their legal issues as soon as possible. We offer advice and expertise in various fields of law, being backed by the necessary attributes and competence in order to ensure effective legal advice and representation in court for our clients.

The efficiency of our firm’s work is ensured by:

•  the vast experience of our team

•  the high intellectual potential of out attorneys

•  our strict respect for the principles of complete trust and confidentiality when working with our clients

•  an individual approach to each case and client

We thank you for choosing our attorneys to represent your legal interests. And in turn, we assure you that we will do everything possible so that your rights, freedoms and legitimate interests will be respected in the Republic of Moldova.

  The Associated Lawyers’ Firm «CORECT» provides individuals and legal entities with qualified legal assistance in various areas of legal work, including a wide range of services in civil, commercial, criminal, administrative, tax and customs law, the protection of intellectual property, as well as in other areas of law. As part of the above-mentioned fields of activity, the Associated Lawyers’ Firm «CORECT» offers the following types of legal assistance and services:

1. the offer of advice and clarifications, drafts legal opinions on matters of law, prepares legal reports (due diligence) concerning national and international laws and norms, as well as on their practical application;

2. the preparing the legal paperwork (contracts, statutory documents for companies and institutions regardless of their legal form), drafts legal instruments regarding the inner structure and organization of companies and institutions;

3. drafting of claims and appeals of court decisions, as well as paperwork with regards to ARD;

4. provision of legal assistance during the legal proceedings, as well as legal expertise reports on projects; legality check of the paperwork relating to the commission of legal actions; representation in negotiations;

5. representation of the interests of individuals and legal entities before the government and the public administration, law enforcement institutions, regulatory agencies, including tax agencies;

6. representation of the legal interests of our clients in relation to other individuals and legal entities;

7. in matters of corporate law, offers support and provides legal advice on the entire range of legal matters related to the activities of a business, including coordinating documents and other legal information carriers, establishment, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities; operation of changes in the constituent/statutory documents;

8. representation of individuals and legal entities during civil, commercial, administrative and criminal cases before the courts of the Republic of Moldova, including the courts of general jurisdiction, specialized economic courts, during all stages of the proceedings;

9. offers legal assistance and representation to the victim, plaintiff or defendant during criminal cases, both at the stage of prosecution and trial;

10. makes statements and represents the interests of individuals and legal entities before the European Court of Human Rights;

The Associated Lawyers’ Firm «CORECT» team has an expanded horizon of expertise. With a rich professional experience, our attorneys identify themselves through fairness and honesty. The team's vision is to develop a lasting relationship with its clients, whose trust they earn through professionalism, commitment, honesty, loyalty. We aim to think ahead, and due to our well consolidated professional expertise, we tend to intervene in legal matters right in their early stages, before they get to court, helping our customers reach a dialogue with the opposing party, although we take pride în the outstanding results achieved în courtroom proceedings.

We believe in simple yet efficient solutions. Because we value our clients’ time, we always tend to offer clear, concise and accessible solutions, tailoring our services to the needs of each client.

We tend to seek beyond words, to offer support and competitive ideas for any project. Apart from that, we trust that our firm’s success rate is a reason to believe that all clients who chose us have already won.

- Ethics and privacy - Cultivating discretion and maintaining loyalty underpin our relations with our clients. Naturally, the Associated Lawyers’ Firm «CORECT» respects the principles underlying the legal profession. Our team undertakes solely those cases that correspond to our professional and moral creed. We guarantee the confidentiality of both the information obtained for a client or that of the client, even after the termination of the contract.

- Promptness, dedication and transparency - Since the society is not a static entity, and relations are constantly evolving, the Associated Lawyers’ Firm «CORECT» undertakes the responsibility for being in the vanguard of these developing processes, as promoters and supporters of legal principles. We tackle the toughest challenges with empathy and openness, always maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.

- Integrity - It is the value that compels us to respect the professional ethics. We react with integrity and consistency to all our clients’ requests. In a society of interests, we can offer relationships based on trust, where honesty, probity, the spirit of justice, sincerity and confidentiality of the attorney are not questioned. The Associated Lawyers’ Firm «CORECT» regards these traditional values as more than professional obligations.


According to Chambers & Partners: “Peers are quick to attest that this association of lawyers has some of the country's most talented litigators among its ranks. The lawyers represent Moldovan clients as well as foreign parties before the domestic courts and the ECHR. The team handles commercial, IP, banking and tax litigation, and is also well known for its experience in criminal law. Sources comment on Igor Clima's outstanding skills in litigation and his knowledge of the workings of the courts. Stepan Zghibarțî is a notable figure, admired for his long experience.”